The Drive-Thru Reimagined

Transforming the Drive Thru Experience One Car at a Time

The 5THRU SMART Timer identifies customers vehicles at each stage of the drive thru interaction or curb side pickup, allowing for:

  • Personalized Experiences
  • Intelligent Upsells
  • Card on File Payment
  • Meal Matching

Personalized Experiences​
Meal Matching
Intelligent Upsells

How It Works



Meal Matching

Scans vehicle to let team members know a New or Returning customer has arrived – one camera per drive-thru interaction


Personalized Experiences

Intelligent Upsells

Returning Customers are greeted by name with a personalized scripts for upsells based on customer order history


Payments Accelerator

Card on File

Automates payment with a one-time customer swipe for all locations to increase throughput 

Meal Matching

  • Never get an order wrong
  • Quickly and easily identifies customers who ordered ahead
  • The system never sleeps, working 24/7, in the harshest environments
  • Provides the exact location of each customer in the Drive-thru lane

Zero Friction Boarding

  • Simple customer opt-in
  • No marketing campaigns
  • No apps

As simple as asking:

"Would you like to keep your card on file?"

AI-Based Recommender

  • Find correlations between order history and products more likely to convert
  • Create a "feature product" for each dietary profile
  • Create better menus that fit customer profiles

“Welcome Back Bob! We have great new multi-grain bagels. Would you like to add one to your usual coffee today?”


Faster Line = More Customers

Increased throughput reduces line time by up to 55% – faster than an app

No Wallets, Cash, or Apps Needed

Pre-set customer profiles & automatic payment speed up the order process

Greater Customer Service

Knowing your customers as they drive up, allows your staff to personalize service

And Also Bigger Tickets

With order history & and the current order visible, staff can suggest better upsells

Solving Drive-Thru Challenges

Some Customers Don’t Drive Through, They Just Drive Away


Long Lines & Wait Time Change Our Minds

5thru Solution:

SMART Drive Thru Timer


Staffing Challenges

5thru Solution:

Card on File Payments


Impersonalized Experiences in a Personalized World

5thru Solution:

Intelligent Upsells

About 5thru

5thru provides the missing link for in-vehicle customer engagement. Using innovative SMART Drive Thru Timer with Meal Matching, Customer Profile builder identification technology tied to order history, AI recommender and Card on File payment, there’s a solution that adapts to both the consumer and businesses’ changing perceptions of convenience.

5thru offers a range of drive-thru retailers a deeper way to engage, serve and speed service with efficiency, accuracy and automation.


  • Full range of experience with point-of-sale, payments, security & compliance
  • Experts in mobile engagement and simplified customer experiences
  • Patent on Drive-Thru Vehicle Identification via License Plate Recognition

Contact Us

5thru Executive Team

James Clifford

James has leadership experience leading governance boards, growing enterprises and start ups. As a visionary leader James wants to change the world one drive thru at a time.

Dan McCann

Dan founded 5Thru Inc in 2018 after realizing that the drive thru was in desperate need of a better user experience. He previously founded NetSecure, a payment security and point of sale company, and has previously served as the CTO of multiple POS companies

Jeff Park

Jeff is an experienced mobile point of sale professional, and loves to find creative ways to ensure our customers (and more importantly their customers) are always successful.

Ankit Gupta

Ankit is a brilliant technological genius and the leader behind most of 5Thru's core technology.

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