The Drive-Thru Reimagined

Simplifying the Busy Drive-Thru

5thru Customer Profile builder uses 5thru cameras to identify customers vehicles as they enter your drive thru or curb side pickup, allowing for:

  • Personalized Experiences
  • Individualized Upsells
  • Automated Payment
  • Meal Matching

Personalized Experiences​
Meal Matching
Individualized Upsells
Automated Payment

How It Works


Customer Profile Builder

5thru Camera

Scans vehicle and pulls up customer profile – one camera per drive-thru lane


Personalized Experiences

AI Upsell Recommender

Displays personalized scripts for upsells based on order history


Drive-Thru Accelerator

Card on File

Automates payment with a one-time customer swipe for all locations to increase throughput 

Meal Matching

  • Never get an order wrong
  • Quickly and easily identifies customers who ordered ahead
  • The system never sleeps, working 24/7, in the harshest environments
  • Provides the exact location of each customer in the Drive-thru lane

Zero Friction Boarding

  • Simple customer opt-in
  • No marketing campaigns
  • No apps

As simple as asking:

"Would you like to keep your card on file?"

AI-Based Recommender

  • Find correlations between order history and products more likely to convert
  • Create a "feature product" for each dietary profile
  • Create better menus that fit customer profiles

“Welcome Back Bob! We have great new multi-grain bagels. Would you like to add one to your usual coffee today?”


Faster Line = More Customers

Increased throughput reduces line time by up to 55% – faster than an app

No Wallets, Cash, or Apps Needed

Pre-set customer profiles & automatic payment speed up the order process

Greater Customer Service

Knowing your customers as they drive up, allows your staff to personalize service

And Also Bigger Tickets

With order history & and the current order visible, staff can suggest better upsells

Solving Drive-Thru Challenges

Some Customers Don’t Drive Through, They Just Drive Away


Long Lines & Wait Time Change Our Minds

5thru Solution:

Card on File


Staffing Challenges

5thru Solution:

Drive thru Automation


Impersonalized Experiences in a Personalized World

5thru Solution:

Personalized Experiences

About 5thru

5thru provides the missing link for in-vehicle customer engagement. Using innovative Customer Profile builder and identification technology tied to order history, AI recommender and automatic payment, there’s a solution that adapts to both the consumer and businesses’ changing perceptions of convenience.

5thru offers a range of drive-thru retailers a deeper way to engage, serve and speed service with efficiency, accuracy and automation.


  • Full range of experience with point-of-sale, payments, security & compliance
  • Experts in mobile engagement and simplified customer experiences
  • Patent on Drive-Thru Vehicle Identification via License Plate Recognition

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